Pro Bike Service is open* every Saturday between 11am-2pm & 3pm-6pm for Servicing

On Sundays* we offer a comprehensive range of training courses.  We’re also open* during the week – including evenings – subject to demand and availability

[*please note that whilst we settle into our new site, we are currently closed to the public]

We offer popups for local partners, from simple ‘Dr Bike’ type events to full blown training workshops, and are keen to support corporations and businesses embracing sustainable transport practices. 

Our purpose built off-grid workspace allows us to offer small, highly focused teambuilding days which genuinely deliver great impact within our local area – such as our ‘Build A Bike for the Community’ programme, with corporate teams building a working bicycle for a local community member in need

With experience in a number of creative disciplines including manufacturing and general building, we are also able to offer bespoke opportunities largely unavailable elsewhere.  Please email directly to discuss any bespoke training or servicing activities.  Training workshops are advertising on our Facebook Page, Like us if you want to hear more! They’ll also be shown here

Corporate team from Workspace Group who built a bespoke Veg Trike, from parts, with no instructions, IN A DAY!

As our training and servicing reputation grows and expands, we also have a number of positions opening up for volunteer mechanics and those looking to get more involved in the social enterprise

If you’d like to find out more about these opportunities, please email

There are many other exciting things happening at the Mobile Garden City, including a multitude of Gardening activities and opportunities run by Groundwork London

Pro Bike Service wishes to pay particular thanks for the invaluable help from Ana Gillespie, Ilyass Meskini and Sean Bennett during the initial build stage, Graham Taylor Burge, Chas Wilshere and also Jarno Crippa for their ongoing support, Alastair Anderson, for his many generous donations and gifts plus assistance during the new build, Laura Alexander for her assistance with helping clarify the ‘Why’ and Dave Pilkington for his fundraising effort at the 2017 Hackney Half Marathon which paid for much of our new tooling.  A huge thank you also goes to Nic Laurent, the architect who gifted Pro Bike Service C.I.C. with our new workshop container and Valentina Collura who offered so much support during the build

We’d also like to thank Andreas Lang from Public Works (creator of R-Urban Wick, the project this was orignally brought onsite to assist), Rokiah Yaman (leading small scale Anaerobic Digestion at R-Urban), GoodGym, who helped us undercoat the interior and last but by no means least, Gabrielle Boraston, Sophia Bromfield, Ruth Arnott, Danielle Johnson, Victoria Robinson, Sean Gifford and Emily Morshuis from Groundwork London who’ve created and nurtured such a great space and have been a joy to work alongside

Pro Bike Service was a private business that was transformed into a privately funded social enterprise in October 2015 and brought into a project called “R-Urban” – intending to initiate and support a Tool Lending library, with the aim of both running alongside each other independently.  Pro Bike Service separated from the R-Urban project in July 2016 and became incorporated as an independent Community Interest Company in May 2017

Pro Bike Service C.I.C. was created to provide high quality bicycle maintenance services and community-based training opportunities to our local community, encouraging and supporting a growing number of cyclists to ride safely maintained bikes. Interactive workshops run throughout the year to encourage maximum engagement and everyone is welcome

Pro Bike Service:
– promotes safe bicycle use
– supports increasing numbers of people to cycle
– builds connection between people locally
– invests in developing new community skillsets through participative training workshops
– nurtures and supports personal and community wellbeing and cohesion
– encourages sustainability through the exclusive use of ecological products and practices, also bringing cycling to a new audience by offering recycling and upcycling workshops which utilise waste streams and champion circular economics

We also:
– run completely off-grid using 100% renewable fuels
– employ and champion open source systems, encouraging rapid scalability of our concept
– work within a gift economy*, where services and training are gifted, and gifts welcome from beneficiaries, supporting partners, donors or grant awarding bodies
– operate within premises that are self-built, reusing materials from local housing developments being demolished, along with sustainably sourced raw materials, providing further opportunities for community participation, skill sharing and ownership of the project

*The gift economy removes inability to pay for services as a barrier to entry, serving the entire community by need rather than means.  Users of both the maintenance and training services, indeed anyone so inclined, are given the opportunity to contribute by gifting in a variety of ways to Pro Bike Service.  In addition, this framework nurtures and encourages trust and allows us to receive gifts that would commonly be inaccessible to a social enterprise of our scale and size