Pro Bike Service was founded in 2013 as a personal venture to combine my passions of cycling, engineering and entrepreneurship, wishing to provide a quality and reliable service to friends, their friends, and by word of mouth, a growing number of discerning cyclists.  Over the years, I have built, repaired and serviced hundreds of bicycles as well as taught and coached numerous mechanics

In addition to being a Cytech certified mechanic, I am also a qualified Production and Manufacturing Engineer and have accrued over six years experience within blue chip UK Manufacturing companies, overseeing component production lines for the likes of Rolls Royce, Hewlett Packard and BAE Systems

I established the business with the following philosophy: “The more I know about your riding style, your specific needs and the more acquainted I become with your particular machine/s, the higher the degree of service I am able to offer” 

A bit of a perfectionist, I wanted to create my own bike servicing utopia so I consulted with my regular clients, listened to their needs and fashioned my business model around their advice; produce full breakdown reports, freely provide tips, non-biased advice and professional recommendations.  I also eliminated what they disliked; pressure sales tactics, a lack of service information, the prioritisation of speed over quality and a common issue encountered: a lack of direct and clear communication

In addition to moving Pro Bike Service onto the Mobile Garden City site and transforming it into a social enterprise, the relocation has fostered collaborations with many like-minded souls, such as Illyass Meskini and Sean Bennett who helped with the prototype container build, as well as many of the course alumni such as Alastair Anderson, Graham Taylor Burge and David Arnauld who share a similar vision for co-creating and nurturing a more empowered, sustainable, interconnected and resilient community, both locally and further afield.  Numerous others friends and volunteers, such as Jarno Crippa and Chas Wilshere, have since come on board and together we are able to deliver much more to our community.

Currently operating on land with the purpose of engaging the new and upcoming communities within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as well as the existing community, we offer our services to everyone in the local area and have consciously chosen to do this via a gift economy*. This means we gift our services and offerings where needed (except any parts which our clients need to purchase) and we are open to receiving gifts in return

This is not timebanking. This is not barter. This is gift. The bigger idea? If high quality servicing and training, using the best tools, 100% ecological consumables (thanks to our supplier Green Oil) and stock to match clients needs is gifted to our community, no matter their means, we believe our immediate and wider community will gift us in return, allowing us to support, serve and grow, together

A healthy, resilient and vibrant community is an interconnected one

*For those unfamiliar with the concept, gift economics can probably be summed up best by Alex Gendler, in this short TED-Ed talk