these are from the last workshop created on site….it will be updated to show new feedback, also we have feedback and reviews on our Facebook page [proudly having five reviews, all at 5 stars!]

Intermediate Maintenance Workshop

“5/5: Very small group, tailored to my ability and what I wanted to learn” – G.T.Burge

“5/5: Knowledgeable workshop leader, good demonstrations, small number of students” – H.Nicholls

“5/5: Fully satisfied in every way” – V.Patel

“5/5: Great content” – A.Anderson

Basic Maintenance Workshop

“5/5: I would recommend it to others because it is fun and you can learn something new…you don’t need to improve it in any way” – L.DaConceicao [age 10]

“5/5: Incredibly in depth and knowledgeable, personalised to your bike” – A.Poole

“5/5: Highly recommend workshop and project” – D.Arnaud

“5/5: Lawrence has amazing knowledge and will inspire many people to cycle” – A.Anderson

“5/5: I would definitely [recommend], people spend a lot of money in things you can fix yourself” – E.Sabogal

“5/5: Very practical and hands on, information covered is useful in everyday cycling” – J.Breedt

“5/5: I would definitely recommend [the workshop], very helpful and very knowledgeable” – D.F.Lourenco

Demystifying the Bicycle Workshop

“5/5: Lawrence is very knowledgeable; clear, concise, friendly” – D.Leigh

“5/5: Very Good, thanks for the attention and Q&A” – S.Warman


“I went to see Lawrence with my road bike as I wanted the bike running as smooth as possible prior to riding the London L’Etape Sportive.  It was evident from the get go that Lawrence is a very experienced man and knows what he is talking about. My bike was serviced with fantastic attention to detail and I was provided with a personal touch which took my specific requirements into account. The bike has been running flawlessly since feels brand new” – P.Smith – East Village resident

“My bikes were always returned looking and more importantly, feeling, like a newer, faster, smoother ride! Lawrence gave accurate and effective advice/information that transformed my riding, and helped me optimise my training and ultimately enjoy my sport (Triathlon) to the full. I cannot recommend Lawrence highly enough!!” – Sue Dyke – GB Silver Medallist 2014 [pre- Mobile Garden City]

“Excellent work, very fair prices, delivered on time” – Warren, founder and Award Winning bedmaker: Warren Evans [pre- Mobile Garden City]