For popups and events, please ensure you can definitely make the booking before selecting the appropriate time slot.  You will receive an email confirming your reservation following the booking process.  Please arrive for your reserved slot ten minutes early and ensure that your bike is in a clean condition without excess mud or muck. This is not only to minimise the risk from Covid-19, but ensures we can accurately assess your bike and keep to the reserved time slots.

Popup Bike Health Checks involve a 25minute service, carried out by a highly trained mechanic, with all major areas of the bike checked.  Minor adjustments to brakes, gears and other components may be made and major servicing needs or dangerous issues that require further attention highlighted.

The Bike Health Check is NOT a major service and whilst we bring a selection of tools and parts (such as commonly sized inner tubes for puncture repairs), we are unable to undertake major servicing work at our popups.  For major servicing needs, please contact us to arrange a booking at our workshop over by Here East.

Kindly abide by social distancing measures throughout this event for the safety and wellbeing of both your neighbours and our team of mechanics.  The pandemic we are faced with puts some people at higher risk than others.  Even if you are in good health and have no fear of contracting Covid-19, please understand that others may be seriously concerned and physical distancing and care must be maintained at all times for the wellbeing of our community.  We strongly request that any clients or beneficiaries who are suffering from symptoms of Covid-19, such as a high temperature, persistent cough or lack of taste/smell do NOT come to the workshop or any events we are hosting or supporting.  We strongly request that any clients or beneficiaries who have contracted Covid-19 and may have put our volunteers or other community members at risk, contact us at the earliest available opportunity so we may inform and alert anyone who may have subsequently come into contact with the virus.  Our safeguarding policy for Covid-19 can be found here

We use the antimicrobial surface shield Zoono (as used by TFL and Network Rail) for cleaning tools and surfaces.  This is non-toxic, water based and has been lab tested against corona viruses, including Covid-19.  If you require any more information about this product, this 2 minute explainer video may prove insightful.