Support our community project


Whether supporting a local person on low or zero income to obtain a bike service, or empowering those with lesser means to learn maintenance skills from highly qualified professionals, every pound gifted enriches our community, with 100% going to and staying within our social enterprise

Together, we can ensure all those seeking to ride a safe and well maintained bicycle have the ability to do so, all those seeking to learn and develop mechanic skills have the support and access required to achieve this


Have a bicycle or parts you no longer use? We’re almost always able to make use of good parts or bicycles and through our creative workshops and growing network, able to turn a number of waste streams into resource streams.  If you have something you think we may like, please contact us

One thing we have zero tolerance for though are stolen goods.  It’s worth noting that any bicycle or parts that enter the workshop and appear to be stolen WILL be reported.  It is also worth noting that any bike we sell will have been checked and logged with Bike Register, the National Database, also used by the Police.  It is our belief and wish that EVERY bike will soon be logged within a secure database, meaning greater a chance of stolen bikes being returned and a better use of vital resources from those forces protecting and servicing us in society.


Have a skill that you love using and sharing?  Perhaps it’s become your profession, your hobby, or maybe you’re just really good at it or you’re very well connected!  Our business was built though gift; from the shell container, to legal incorporation, labour during the initial workshop fitout to volunteering that keeps our social enterprise running

By donating, in any of these ways, you are supporting a pioneering business model which operates without fossil fuels, runs within a gift economy and is responsible for it’s waste streams – seeking to transform these to resource streams wherever possible.  Wellbeing and interbeing are at the heart of what we do and through our open source model, we aim to create a platform and hub where others can benefit, share and improve the gifts and fruits of our labour