Friends and supporters

Friends and supporters

Along with the huge support from local partners, friends, family, beneficiaries, course alumni, private donors and supporters, we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Walking and Cycling Grants London team at Groundwork London and Transport For London for their generous WCGL Grant, without which we’d almost certainly have been unable to continue our work and the transition from a simple pilot workspace to our cutting edge off-grid workshop, with tools and a setup on par with some of the leading workshops in London.  We’re also extremely grateful to the London Legacy Development Corporation for funding the first year of our three year Sustainable Cycles programme (currently in year 2 and funded by our founder), the open source work-based learning programme we designed and deliver for Newham PRU’s.

We’d also like to thank Cloud 9 Cycles, Condor Cycles, Soho Bikes, London Bicycle Workshop and Bike Fix, consistently recognised as some of the leading workshops in the UK, also to ATG, who deliver the industry standard Cytech courses.  Individually, they shared their time and knowledge, let us photograph their workshops, interview their head mechanics and ask a ton of probing (along with some dumb) questions.  Collectively, they have allowed us to stand on the shoulders of giants and build a workshop which has far exceeded our original expectations.

Particular thanks go to regular volunteers Graham Taylor Burge and Jarno Crippa for their invaluable support within and outside of the workshop.  We’d also like to thank Ana Gillespie, Ilyass Meskini and Sean Bennett who helped during the initial build stage, along with Chas Wilshere, Graham Taylor Burge and Jarno Crippa during the build phase of this workshop, plus Alastair Anderson from No Ego We Go!, along with Dr Michelle Krishnan for their incredibly generous donations and gifts including support for office and housing.  Special thanks also go to Laura Alexander for her assistance with helping clarify the ‘Why’ on our first grant submission and Rev’d Dave Pilkington for his incredible fundraising effort at the 2017 Hackney Half Marathon which paid for much of our new tooling.  A huge thank you also goes to Nic Laurent, the architect who gifted Pro Bike Service C.I.C. with our new workshop container and Valentina Collura who offered so much support during the build phase of the current workshop.

Pro Bike Service C.I.C. owes thanks to Andreas Lang from Public Works (creator of R-Urban Wick, the project this was originally brought onsite to assist), Rokiah Yaman (leading small scale Anaerobic Digestion at R-Urban), GoodGym, who helped us undercoat the interior and last but by no means least, Gabrielle Boraston, Sophia Bromfield, Ruth Arnott, Danielle Johnson, Victoria Robinson, Sean Gifford and Emily Morshuis from Groundwork London who created and nurtured such a great space and were a joy to work alongside on the original Chobham Manor site.

We are honoured and regularly astounded by the continuing support of our local, national and global community, who have given so much, allowing us to give so much to others.  From our supportive and esteemed friends Nipun Mehta and Serge Beddington-Behrens to those whom inform and continue to advise our work, such as John Elkington, Ann Pettifor, Charles Eisenstein, and Scilla Ellworthy, amongst many other luminaries, Thank you!

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