Pro Bike Service started life as a high end for-profit microbusiness serving friends and acquaintances of Lawrence Mohammed – Founder, CEO and Head Mechanic.  Bringing tools, clientelle and resources onto an innovative site called the Mobile Garden City – a community-led space where local residents and community groups could connect with nature, network, & learn new skills through a programme of free activities and workshops – Pro Bike Service was transformed from the bottom up and after a pilot year of self-funded experimentation, Pro Bike Service C.I.C was born in May 2017

Gaining funding and support from TFL’s Cycling Grants London programme, along with generous donations from friends, partners, course alumni, the local community and leading bicycle workshops in the City, a much larger and greater workshop was created, with an even grander vision and mission

“Pro Bike Service was founded in 2013 as a personal venture to combine my passions of cycling, engineering and entrepreneurship, wishing to provide a quality and reliable service to friends, their friends, and by word of mouth, a growing number of discerning cyclists.  Over the years, I have built, repaired and serviced hundreds of bicycles as well as taught and coached numerous mechanics.

In addition to being a Cytech certified mechanic, I am also a qualified Production and Manufacturing Engineer and have accrued over six years experience within blue chip UK Manufacturing companies, overseeing component production lines for the likes of Rolls Royce, Hewlett Packard and BAE Systems.  As a Recording Studio Engineer and Music Producer, as well as a Craftsman and Builder, it was an exciting challenge to combine skills and design, leverage the power of search engines and cold calling, and build a solar-powered high end cycle workshop from scratch.  Thousands of hours of research, design and sheer graft went into making the workshop and building everything from scratch, mostly by hand, was incredibly satisfying.

The decision to setup Pro Bike Service within a gift economy, moving towards zero waste, where all systems, technologies and  intellectual property created would remain open source – created for the commons and asset locked to the commons – would not have been taken had I known I was going to formally incorporate this as a company.  Put quite simply, my balls were never that big!  Having created something purely from my heart, in service, delivering with what I intuitively knew was somehow going to be needed, the surprise was how much it resonated – and with so many people; including luminaries who’s work can be seen in our Friends and supporters page.

Within an economic and political model reliant upon continual growth and out of control debt, held within a finite ecosystem of resources more powerful than us, something has to give, or awaken.  As well as accidentally building a business aligned with my values and beliefs, in hindsight, I’ve literally put my remaining fears inside a box, from which I’ll have to grow and evolve through.  As we transition through this ten year window to the type of global economy we so desperately need, a lot of shadows and fears will surface, a lot of cracks will appear and changes are going to show old stories of separation and scarcity for the destructive, weak forces that they are.  Having started this business with next to nothing, on perhaps the least likely area to want a homeless man building a business, I know that a new story is not only awaiting us, but is here in our midst.  For those whose hearts haven’t yet totally closed, we all yearn for love, connection, meaning, purpose, and to see our children and our children’s children live in a safe, just and a better world.  The stat’s don’t look good though right now.  Let us reserve our judgements for behaviours, not people, and let us fearlessly live lives of purpose, employing our unique skills and talents in service of a better world, remembering that we dwell within a highly interconnected and interdependent ecosystem, that we are here to steward, not conquer, to nurture, not exploit nor dominate.”

Lawrence Mohammed, CEO and Founder, Pro Bike Service C.I.C.