Our Mission

Our Mission

Pro Bike Service CIC was built to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, empowered, resilient and regenerative economy, specifically within the domain of Active Mobility.  Core energy needs are supplied via a lead-crystal bank solar array where siting allows.  Our social enterprise was designed and founded within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

We employ open source technologies, run our key services via a gift economy and are working towards a zero waste model of operation.  Our enterprise model centres around five core values:

  1. Stewardship
  2. Abundance
  3. Empowerment
  4. Interbeing
  5. Excellence

We offer servicing and community based training within our workshop, deliver regular popups for local partners and seek to support all cyclists within our community.  We also design and deliver training and certifications programmes for local PRU’s and partners such as Badu Sports

This extends to gifting bicycles to local victims of bike crime wherever possible (as well as building a system that prevents servicing being undertaken on stolen bikes), in addition to exploring restorative justice programmes for offenders with our local Police.  Our gift economy model and use of ‘near new’ and used components, as well as new premium stock, also allows our highly trained mechanics to service bikes for community members who would otherwise be riding unsafe bicycles, at best.

Our Values and Beliefs

Our business model is based on stewardship at all levels. This starts with our team who are the heart and soul of our social enterprise. We believe the prevailing economic model of rational self interest and ownership, extraction and accumulation of resources is fundamentally flawed, destroying ecosystems as well as communities. This extends to the stewardship rather than ownership of data.  Our enterprise model assumes responsibility for everything we create, deliver and consume for net-positive impact.

We are volunteer run and volunteer led. Everyone you will meet at Pro Bike Service CIC is gifting their time and expertise to serve you. We believe that people are inherently generous and thrive in connection and interdependence.  Many of the problems we witness in society are based around an outdated story of separation. Our entire social enterprise is sustained and enriched through gifts and the generosity of our community; locally, nationally and globally.

Our gift economy model opens up our services and offerings to the entire community.  Our open source framework ensures everything we create and produce remains asset locked within the public domain, for public good. We seek to remove barriers to wellbeing, education and self-sovereignty, nurturing trust, connection and resilience within communities through the sharing of information, resources and skills.

We believe a strong, healthy society is founded on the principles of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, justice, fair competition and equal opportunity. We believe lasting wealth cannot be attained through extraction, exploitation nor domination, but through stewardship, protection and nurturing that which has inherent value. In our domain of Active Mobility, we seek to unlock, expand and leverage that value for the benefit of our entire community.  Interbeing – a term coined by Thich Nhat Hanh – extends far deeper than ‘interdependence’, and is probably perhaps best explained here.

We strive to be the best at what we do. We invest heavily in education and training and continuous improvement is built into our processes and systems. We aim to be impeccable in our work and word, delivering the greatest sustainable impact within the limits of our capacity and networks.  Naturally, as our capacity and networks grow, our impact scales accordingly.