ROMAN ROAD MARKET - [last here - Christmas 2017]

We were kindly been invited by our friends at Upstarter Incubator to join them at the infamous Roman Road Market selling upcycled goods and testing new products.  We'll let you know when we do this again!

now back to main sale page.....!

A new addition to Pro Bike Service are the range of goods for sale.  These support the core running costs of the business and come with a number of benefits


We have a small number of refurbished bicycles available from time to time which have either been donated and assessed or built up from scratch.  Each bicycle will have been checked on the Bike Register Database (as used by the Police) and will come supplied with a log book.  It will also have been thoroughly checked and serviced.  Please email for a current list of available bikes.  Occasionally we gift bikes and loan bikes to those in need.  If you know of genuine local individuals or causes who need help, get in touch

 Upcycled Goods

Throughout the busier months for cycling in the UK we collect 'waste' from the business which can be upcycled and used to create new goods, also allowing training opportunities as we share our maker skills with our community.  In leaner cycling months and during festive periods we offer these for sale.  Each item will have been hand crafted and made with love.  Please email for a current list of available items

Training Workshops

High quality Training Workshops are 'gifted' to our community, with an openness for our community to gift and support this.  These can be found here.  Whilst there is no demand or pressure to gift, these workshops are of significant value and without support, are unable to run.  We actively advertise for other trusted local training providers who invariably offer a clear idea of value


Servicing, like training workshops, are 'gifted' to our community rather than paid for at a fixed price or hourly rate.  This economic model allows us to serve the community by need rather than by means.  It also allows our community to 'pay' for services in ways that are sometimes more rewarding and enriching for both parties.  Please email to find out more about servicing