“It is an amazing and inspirational experience to volunteer at Pro Bike Service.  I love taking part in the gift economy and a business committed to regenerative and sustainable values.  Being able to practise my skills with the support of a very experienced mechanic and engineer has also helped me improve my own abilities and further increased my passion for cycling and ability to help others”  Jarno Crippa

We are always looking for skilled cycle mechanics and there is huge demand for our work at the moment, both within our initial site and within new sites being offered.  If you share our values and beliefs and are qualified to a minimum of Cytech 2 or City & Guilds level 2, we have immediate opportunities for you to contribute to community within our workshop.

That said, if you have experience of cycle mechanics or a high level of practical skills, are as tough and resilient as you are compassionate and kind, can commit to regular long term volunteering and your own as well as collective growth, we’d love to hear from you.  We’ve been building an in-house training programme since 2017, accelerated in 2019 and 2020 and all regular long term volunteer mechanics have entered and passed Cytech certification.  Our goal has always been to provide our own certification standards or attain Cytech certification provider status so we can assess and award in-house with an internationally recognised industry qualification.

We are particularly keen to hear from women, people of colour, non-binary, those with time and skills who may have retired or benefit from a passive income and those who self-identify as marginalised.  There’s a term that’s been banded about for many years called the ‘Mamil’ (Middle aged man in lycra), also the notion that cycling is predominantly for the white middle classes.  Cycling is for everyone and we’re keen to reflect that within our diverse team as well as challenge outdated notions of exclusivity, status and separation.

Since 2019, we’ve also been speaking to those working alongside the MOD about supporting the reintegration of ex-servicemen and servicewomen post-combat.  Having put their lives on the line for their country, we believe these brave souls are ideally placed to lead as we collectively transition through crises and rapid change to an inclusive and regenerative global future.  If you can help here, get in touch!

If you possess other skills that can help our social enterprise or community too, please get in touch!  We’ve been gifted Marketing, Design, Print, Videography and Web support, Coaching, Mentoring, Parts and Unused Bikes.  Our office and the accommodation of our founder has even been gifted rent-free by two private donors since December 2019 which is the only thing that helped this social enterprise survive during 2020.  Within our gift economy framework, we’re also growing a repository of services and skills along with needs within our community.  By gifting skills and resources, circulating these within the public domain for public good, not only do we compound these gifts, but we create strong bonds and trust networks that offer even greater value.