We offer everything from basic puncture repairs through to complete strip and rebuilds, as well as wheel building and custom modifications.  This includes fitting threaded inserts to frames, electrical and electronics work (we have a state of the art Weller soldering station and experience with discrete and SM components).  We also have a Dremel, extensive workshop tools as well as the obligatory spanners, allen keys, screwdrivers and torque wrenches

We are also happy to pump air into your tyres, oil your chain, tweak your gears and brakes and if you require anything more, book your bicycle in for a quick, basic or full service.  Post-Covid-19, we request ALL bookings be made in advance and request that bikes are only brought to us in a clean condition.  Not only does this minimise risk, but it allows us to service more bikes and meet the huge demand at the moment in servicing.  Please get in touch by emailing:



We run series of pop-ups for our local community and can be booked for events, fleet servicing, bespoke training or one-off hires, subject to availability

East Village – Bike Health Checks – Last Wednesday of the month 6-9pm (booking by appointment only) – ‘Residents only’ popup supported by Get Living London

Here East  – Bike Health Checks – Last Wednesday of the month 12-2pm (booking by appointment only) – restart date tbc

Stour Space – Bike Health Checks – (no longer running due to lack of demand)

Want us at your venue or event? Please get in touch by emailing:


Reconditioned & Bespoke Bicycles

We often have a range of reconditioned bicycles for sale and are able to custom build wheelsets and bikes.  If this is of interest, please contact us.  If you have had your bike stolen, please contact us too, providing the crime reference number and frame number.  Capacity allowing, we will aim to gift you a bike if the police are unable to recover it, or your insurance company unable to replace it.




Each workshop course combines theoretical and hands-on practical training and assumes a solid understanding of the content in each preceding course.  It is not necessary to complete all courses in order.  Please ask if you have any queries BEFORE booking 

Please note that we have a ‘three strike’ policy for cancellations, a ‘two strike’ policy for no-shows.  Whilst this may sound harsh, places and capacity are limited, courses run on rotation and we hate turning people away when space and resources are available

Safety & General Roadworthiness, Naming of Parts, Bicycle Types, Fitting, Care,
Security, Buying a 2nd hand bike

Safety & General Roadworthiness, Puncture Repair/tyre/tube change (not tubeless), Gear indexing and minor adjustments (not electronic shifting), Brake adjust and setting, Wheel Trueing

Workshop and general safety, M-check recap, Replacing inner and outer gear and brake cables (not electronic, recumbent or specialist/vintage), Chain types and checking, Pedal, crank and Bottom Bracket removal, [note: this course does not cover hub gears, hub brakes or hydraulic brakes]

Workshop and general safety test, M-check test, Tool care and best practise, Hub and Headset bearing replacement, Frame facing and reaming, fitting threaded inserts to frames and forks, cold-setting steel frames, [note: this course does not cover hub gears, hub brakes or hydraulic brakes]

Wheel true test, lacing patterns, lacing techniques, rim/hub/spoke/tyre types, online calculators -vs- physical calculations for wheel building

Safety & General Roadworthiness with quiz and prizes, Puncture Repair, Gear indexing and minor adjustments (not electronic shifting), Brake adjust and setting, Wheel Trueing