Basic Maintenance

Basic Maintenance


You will be learning by working on your own bicycle, if you do not have one, it may be possible to provide a bicycle given sufficient notice.  All tools, plus a pair of gloves, eye protectors and apron will be provided for use during the workshop – please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Course Material

Safety and general roadworthiness tests

Puncture Repair/Tyre Change/Inner Tube change (not tubeless)

Derailleur gear indexing and minor gear adjustments (not electronic gears)

Brake Adjustments and general setting for regular caliper, cantilever or disc brakes

Wheel Truing

Practise sessions and recap with open Q&A

What Will I Recieve?

Good safety knowledge

The confidence and ability to fix punctures

Experience and knowledge of indexing and adjusting derailleur gears

Proficiency in adjusting, setting and optimising the brakes on your bicycle

The ability to True (realign) pringle-shaped wheels and determine when a rim or wheel is beyond the scope of truing and potentially dangerous