Demystifying the Bicycle

Demystifying The Bicycle


You will be learning by working on your own bicycle, if you do not have one, it may be possible to provide a bicycle given sufficient notice. Owning a bicycle is not mandatory, especially for this introductory workshop. All tools, plus a pair of gloves, eye protectors and apron will be provided for use during the workshop – please wear appropriate clothing and footwear

Course Material

Naming and description of bicycle parts and their function

Safety and general roadworthiness tests for a bicycle

How to adjust your ride position and tailor a suitably sized bike to fit your body frame (seat, handlebar, stem, shifters)

How to clean and lubricate parts, also why we clean and lubricate these parts

Bike types with explanations and general sizing options (which bike is right for you?)

What to look out for when purchasing a 2nd hand bicycle

Security – how to lock a bicycle and why multiple locks are advised

Practise sessions and recap with open Q&A

What Will I Recieve?

Good safety knowledge

The ability to spot and diagnose common problems

Knowledge to assist when selecting a suitable bicycle (new or 2nd hand)

Greater awareness of the bicycle, particularly yours if you bring one, along with a deeper understanding of how it works

How to minimise the risk of theft, including how, as a community, we can reduce the incidence of cycle crime